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Weight Loss

Health consequences of being overweight:

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Heart Failure

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • Coronary Artery Disease

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Fatty Liver

  • Angina

  • Stroke

  • Chronic Pain


With your health at stake, the risks are too great to give up on losing weight, which means you cannot allow the inevitable failure of fad diets or diet pills to deter you from your weight loss journey.

The Innovative Health & Longevity weight loss programs are doctor supervised, clinically comprehensive, weight loss and lifestyle management programs. We help patients every day drop the weight and keep it off!  There are many health conditions that contribute to weight gain (thyroid problems, hormone imbalance, poor nutrition, food sensitivities, mental and emotional problems, and/or vitamin deficiencies). We will fully evaluate you and determine the right treatment plan for YOU.

Our method for managing weight isn’t just targeted at one thing. We don’t have you do any crazy diets or radical fitness training, we just… show you how to be healthy. By changing your lifestyle and not just your diet or workout, it makes it much easier to stick to your program and actually lose the weight. By simply being healthier, you naturally drop to a reasonable weight and keep it off. Since your body is working properly and getting exactly what it needs, there is no excess or deficiency.

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How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Client Success Stories

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Change Your Weight, Change Your Life

Why You Can't Lose Weight

Every year Americans spend an estimated $33 billion on products and services to help them with weight loss. Yet despite all these costly efforts, nearly two-thirds of adults in America are overweight or obese.

Are you ready for change but you are not sure what to do? We can help you customize a plan based on your individual needs and genetics.

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