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Conditions We Support

Important Note:

Some of the conditions we work with are listed below, but we always work with the patient and not specifically with the “condition.”  This is because the same symptoms can arise from many different causes. Please read “Why We Can Help when Conventional Medicine has Failed” before reviewing this list of conditions.

Supported Conditions

Optimal Health

Chronic Pain:  Arthritis, Musculoskeletal Pain & Neuropathy

Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has many different causes.  Our approach is to evaluate each case and then use natural and supportive therapies that are needed.   Most cases respond to a combination of metabolic, detoxification, adrenal, thyroid and ozone therapy.  


Hormone Imbalance and Bio-Identical Hormones


Digestive Complaints & Leaky Gut

Each patient with GI dysfunction must be treated individually and this begins with an evaluation to assess underlying causes such as imbalanced gut flora, achlorhydria (decreased stomach acid production), and food allergy/sensitivity.  The results of this evaluation are used to develop an individualized therapy plan.   


Thyroid & Adrenal Problems


Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune diseases represent an abnormal response of the immune system in which the immune response targets a particular body tissue rather than a foreign invader (an infection).  The conventional allopathic approach uses drugs that suppress the immune system in order to control symptoms.  Our approach begins with a detailed evaluation looking for underlying causes in each case.  These include toxicity, hidden chronic infections (especially in the sinuses, tonsils and teeth), and adrenal stress.  When these underlying issues are treated, the autoimmune symptoms improve or resolve.  Natural therapies such as medical ozone, herbal therapy or homeopathy can balance the immune system and resolve the problem without turning off the immune system and increasing the risk of serious infections or cancer.  


Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes




Natural Facial Rejuvenation


Weight Loss


Cancer Supportive Therapies


Neurologic Disease

Degenerative Neurologic Diseases such as Cognitive Decline, Dementia, and Parkinson’s do not respond well to medications, which at best slow the decline.   A thorough evaluation of the underlying causes in each case (chronic infections, toxins, metabolic changes, oxidative stress from EMF) allows us to formulate an optimal recovery plan that can not only stabilize disease progression, but also reverse the deficits.  Treatment options include optimized diet to minimize inflammation, enhance autophagy, reduce stress, optimize sleep, exercise, brain stimulation, optimization of nutrients through nutritional supplements, hormone optimization and supporting gut health.   Integrative therapies such as medical ozone and intravenous nutrients including high dose IV Vitamin C and IV NAD are also used.  

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