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Diabetes Reversal

REVERSE It, Don't Just Manage It!

No need to Fear Kidney Failure, Amputation, Neuropathy, or Blindness

Don’t just take one drug after another, daily insulin injections, gain weight, continue to lose quality of life, and live with the fear of complications. A diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes doesn’t have to mean resigning to a life of medications and their side effects.


We offer comprehensive lifestyle programs that are customized to you. You are taught exactly what to eat, how to exercise optimally, and what nutrients to supplement with. You will regain your health naturally and may be able to return to a normal A1C without medications. Our diabetes treatment programs work extremely well for Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.  You may be able to minimize or even eliminate all diabetic medications, including insulin.  While we cannot help you to reverse Type 1 Diabetes, we can help you to optimize your overall health and reduce insulin requirements.  

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Client Success Stories

Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew

"My A1C levels have come down to a normal level. This program will give you more years to your life. You know what you can eat and what you can’t eat. It makes life so much easier."

Prescription Medication

Stop The Endless Stream Of Drugs & Finger Sticks

Get Back To Life!

People with diabetes are at risk of other serious conditions. These include kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, blindness, neuropathy, amputation, and high blood pressure. Discover how you too may be able to reverse your diabetes and put your health on a new trajectory.


Innovative Health and Longevity’s programs target the root causes of diabetes instead of just managing the symptoms. Our programs focus on your lifestyle and help you to decrease your need for medication. Diet changes, physical activity, supplements, and the best that functional medicine has to offer come together to help you improve your health and not just ‘manage’ your disease.  Our programs are custom designed for you by Dr. Qadir who is a certified functional medicine doctor. Let us help you to reverse your diabetes and get back to life.

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