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About IV Therapy


When poor diet, toxic exposures and prolonged stress shortchange the body of essential nutrients and vitamins, your health suffers. Intravenous nutrient therapy restores your body from the inside out. Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) is the only way to ensure 100% nutrient absorption.  A nutrient IV, such as a vitamin loaded Meyers Immune Support Cocktail can re-energize your body.  Intravenous administration is the most direct way to replete deficiencies of vital nutrients.  


Nutrient deficiencies have been shown to worsen many illnesses. These deficiencies can contribute to cancer, neurological diseases, premature aging, and general health decline.  Nutritional deficiencies occur when there are insufficient nutrients in the foods we eat or the body is unable to absorb the necessary amount of nutrients from the gut.  


It’s especially hard nowadays to get all the nutrients we need from food.  Our soil is depleted of nutrients due to commercial farming practices that include excessive use of Glyphosate (Roundup) as an herbicide.  Glyphosate chelates vital minerals out of the soil and they are then no longer incorporated into our produce.  A salad today contains only about 50% of the micronutrients it contained 70 years ago.  Taking vitamin and mineral supplements has become essential to meet the requirements of our bodies as our food is just not able to do that alone.  Certainly, eating organically is helpful but most of us just don’t get in 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in daily.  


A considerable majority of people who are ill have significant nutritional deficiencies, especially as they get older.  By the time that many people seek help, they are depleted in magnesium, B vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  As these nutrients become depleted, so do the enzymes they form.  This in turn, makes it even harder to absorb the nutrients.  Because of this decreased absorption, simply taking these vitamins orally cannot always correct the problem.  If we give the nutrients to such a person intravenously, we know they are all getting absorbed.  


Many people have gut dysfunction due to their unhealthy diet containing excess sugar, chemicals and GMOs (genetically modified foods).  When the gut is not healthy, even a good diet combined with vitamin/mineral supplements can’t correct the deficiencies because the gut is not able to absorb the necessary nutrients. IV therapy is sometimes the only way that some patients can start on the road to recovery.  It is an effective way to replenish depleted vitamins and minerals even when their absorption is impaired.  Often people feel better right away.  These infusions are easy to administer and very safe.  


IV Therapy is also the only way to administer therapeutic doses of certain vitamins and nutrients, like Vitamin C, Magnesium and NAD. High dose Vitamin C is being investigated as a supportive treatment for a variety of cancers and can be very helpful in the treatment of acute & chronic infections. NAD is very useful for chronic fatigue, brain fog, and degenerative neurological diseases like dementia & Parkinson’s disease.   It can also treat addiction and has amazing anti-aging benefits. 


The major dilemma in getting the word out as to the effectiveness of nutrients for the treatment of illness is that there is no big money in it – natural substances cannot be patented and are relatively inexpensive. 

Nurse administering an IV to an elderly man

How IV Nutrients are Administered


IV Nutrient Therapy is generally administered in 20 to 60 minute sessions through an IV line that is placed in your arm and you are given nutrients tailored to your specific needs. Some infusions, such as high dose Vitamin C and NAD can take longer.  Generally, a series of infusions is recommended.

You will rest in a comfortable chair or recliner during your infusion.  You may bring a book to read or your iPad.  If you tend to be cold easily, you might want to bring your favorite blanket.

IV vitamin therapy is a safe and effective way to improve your energy level and your immunity.   It can help you to regain your health and prevent future illness.  Having the proper essential vitamin and nutrient levels for your body is pivotal to health and wellness. Even if you don’t have a pressing condition that requires vitamins, you can make sure you’re as healthy as you can be.

When you can’t get the proper nutrients from the food you eat and the supplements are just not adequate, the best way to get them is with IV nutrient therapy. Schedule a consultation today to learn which IVs may be beneficial for you!

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