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Procaine Neural Therapy &
The Procaine-Bicarbonate IV

Procaine - the King of Medicines

Procaine is a safe and completely nontoxic local anesthetic (numbing medication).  Its benefits, however, extend far beyond its anesthetic effects.   Unlike all other anesthetic drugs, it causes dilation of blood vessels and thereby improves circulation which leads to a general improvement in the organs and tissues treated with it.  Procaine blocks inflammation and has anticancer and antihistaminic effects.  


The local anesthetic effect of procaine only plays a small part in its many positive effects on the human body.   Procaine has the ability to restore normal functioning to damaged tissues by interrupting the malfunctioning nerve impulses by regulating the functioning of the autonomic nervous system (Neural Therapy).  Procaine is the ideal drug for Neural Therapy to accomplish this neural ‘reset.’


In the body, Procaine is broken down to completely safe byproducts by an enzyme called cholinesterase which is present in all body tissues.   Only people with a disease called Myasthenia Gravis have a short supply of this enzyme and they should never be injected with Procaine.  

Some of procaine's positive effects are:
  • Pain relief

  • Stimulant or relaxant depending on patient's initial state and what they need

  • Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect, anticancer

  • Therapeutic effect on the heart and vascular system

  • Vasodilator, antispasmodic effect

  • Relaxes smooth muscle

  • Alters the functional state of the nervous system by reducing its instability, thus making it less sensitive to harmful stimuli

  • Blocks pathological reflexes triggered by the body and reactivates previously impaired bodily processes


Procaine was used by the famous Romanian physician for its anti-aging properties.  It worked so well that many famous people, from Marilyn Monroe to Winston Churchill, flocked to her clinic.  


At Innovative Health & Longevity, Procaine is one of the many tools we use.  It is used alone for Neural therapy where overactive nerves are reset for conditions such as headaches, pain, anxiety, etc.  Procaine is also a key component of our Prolozone injections which use it for healing joints and tendons and other soft tissues.  We use Procaine intravenously as well to get systemic benefits to help with inflammation, anxiety, depression, pain, and as an aid in healing various tissues in the body.  

Procaine & Bicarbonate IV

Combining Procaine with Bicarbonate intravenously was first reported in 1930.  Impressive beneficial results were demonstrated in chronic pain, inflammation and improved circulation.  The addition of Bicarbonate increases the Procaine concentration in the cells and thereby improves the overall benefit.  Long-term relaxing, anti-depressive and anxiolytic effects are often observed when IV applications or short-term infusions of Procaine are given.  Anti-cancer effects are also observed.  

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